Otterpops in the Icebox

from by Tim Goodwin

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cover of Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra


(cover of Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra)

I just watched the new for fifteen minutes
and goddamn, am I depressed
I just spent an hour on fucking Facebook
until I realized I couldn't care less
and I keep fighting who we are,
who we've been, we've become
I can't take it
a Sinatra song
and I'm bleeding nostalgia again
My role says I should sit up and take it
But something tells me I should do my best to fight it -
Oh, fuck.

And I just spent an hour on the fifty-five
'cuz Shelby-fucking-Jacobson was on my mind
Try to convince her I'm a simple and happy guy
But I just came off as the nervous and neurotic type
Something's wrong my dear
When I don't know if I'll stand here in one year
and I keep having all these thoughts of nihilism
How truth is only relevant
Now I can barely brush my fucking teeth

And I'm from southern California
where we say words like 'gay'
and I don't mean to offend,
it's just the way I was raised
And I'm always being hunted
taking stabs for who I am
and I would say that I don't care
but I'm losing my friends
Being force-fed what to believe in
Like politics and horoscopes
and cliche definitions of success

(They're) telling me my time's up
A big choice
The four-year-old inside of me
just wants to go out and play
Through all of this bullshit
I just wish that someone would say:

"Come a little closer, we've got
otterpops in the icebox, we've got
milk and cookies by the TV
to make you feel alright"


from College is for Suckers, released January 13, 2016
cover of Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra




Tim Goodwin Chico, California

Self-recorded DIY punk rock from just one man

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